NY Night & Day

I arrived back in the city around 7 30pm Friday night, and was just a tiny bit fashionably late to Andrea’s Goldman post-training dinner at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse. Just a tiny bit…as in one-hour late walk of shame into the back room where 45 of her colleagues were wining and dining. Oopsie. Dinner was delicious – I ordered off the Restaurant Week menu and was quite impressed with the Rigatoni in Meat Sauce, Bacon Strip Appetizer, and delicious chocolate cake dessert. However, settling the bill for 45 people was the ultimate logistical nightmare. Some people didn’t eat, some ordered off menu, some drank wine, some didn’t, some shared….it was all bad.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to change and get ready. I headed out to Le Bain at the Standard in Meatpacking, while Andrea & Steph headed to The Press for a birthday event. Le Bain was probably the best rooftop bar I’ve been to ever – no cover, chic, unique, with the best view of NYC and the Hudson River. Jeff, Laura,  Amy, Mei, and later Davis and I sipped drinks, sat back, and caught up. I loved it! We also took some rather..unique pictures.

Normal Pic @ Le Bain

Gorgeous view from the rooftop


Jeff & I!

Around 2am, I headed to Marquee to reunite with Andrea and her colleagues…as well as my wifey Angela and some Berkeley kids in town. Marquee had the right mix of fun people, good music, and bright lights, but the open dance floor with exits on all 4 sides was poorly designed.

Tang Yuan & I!

After a fun night of dancing and catching up with Angie, a group of us headed to Pocha 32 in Koreatown. Pocha 32, the hot spot for post-club binging, offers decent watermelon soju along with tasty korean dishes.

We finally made it home at 5 30 am….and passed out until 3pm.




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