One of the Happiest Days in My Life: A (Literal) Walk Down Memory Lane

Today will always be a special day to me.

My fourth grade best friend Ilan & I ❤

Today, I took a literal stroll down memory lane. I boarded the Metro North back to my old hometown Yorktown Heights and was reunited with my 4th grade best friend Ilan after 12 years apart. It was a magical day.

Ilan took me on a wonderful tour of Yorktown. I’m so happy to see that it still has that familiar quaint and cozy small town vibe. While my memory was a bit fuzzy on specifics around town, just being there put me in a warm and fuzzy state. When we passed by Ilan’s house and Brookside Elementary where I attended 4th and 5th grade, I literally saw flashbacks of the yellow school bus Ilan and I took everyday. So precious.

After a killer breakfast at the local diner, Ilan gave me a tour of his beautiful house and introduced me to his super sweet sister, Grannie, and two gorgeous cats Buddy and Oliver. Then, he gifted me with the most thoughtful gifts I have received in my life. Perfect timing as well, since one of my top goals for my NY trip was to find the perfect wallet. Thank you so much.

Ilan took me out to my old house on Douglas Drive. I cannot even describe with words what I felt when I saw my old house. To me, even after 7 years in California, this house is the perfect definition of home. Lush green lawn, long driveway, beautiful balcony, a cozy fireplace, and rooms filled with love and a huge heap of memories. It doesn’t have to be big or luxurious, but it has to be truly lived-in. As we drove by, flashbacks of snowball fights, picnics with grandparents, frolicking with my neighbor Gabby – it all came back.

12 years ago, I called this house home.

For a late lunch, we dined at Hirame Sushi. The rolls were delicious, and Ilan introduced me to fruit sushi!

Kiwi, Mango, and Avocado. Sushi?! Mindblown.

Ilan just turned 21, so we went to a quaint little bakery and bought him a birthday cake. We hit the jackpot with a lemon meringue coconut birthday cake. It was absolutely perfect. We went back to his house and I sang happy birthday to him. We’ve missed out on 12 years in between, but I hope I will get to sing happy birthday to him every year from now on.

Ilan’s Birthday Cake with 21 Candles & An Extra Special Flame

Ilan & Oliver! ❤

We spent the rest of our time together just enjoying each other’s company, playing with his adorable kitties, and chatting about everything and anything. At 5 15, he took me to the station. But not before springing on me his ultimate surprise – a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Hermès bag. Its unbelievable how he can know me so well when we grew up in completely different environments and only reconnected through Facebook a few years ago.

We ended up missing the 5 30 train, which was a blessing in disguise. I was able to spend some more precious time with Ilan, and nibble on some delicious ice cream with hot fudge.

At 6 30, we hugged goodbye and I boarded the train back into the City. Thank you Ilan for giving me an unforgettable day. Everything was absolutely perfect.



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