A Phone Call, A Reunion, and A Wonderful Stroke of Luck.

Highlights of today: a surprise phone call from my future VP, a reunion with a good high school buddy, and a miraculous save from getting a parking ticket in SF.

This morning I woke up groggily to a phone call from an unknown Palo Alto number. I answer in my sleepy voice thinking its a telemarketer…and 30 seconds later realize its my future Vice President from the Palo Alto Branch that I will be training at for my first 10 weeks of work. Oops. I shot up, immediately put on my happy face and got into professional mode. She was super friendly and sweet, and provided me with a whole bunch of information regarding my first day. The call wasn’t long, but I was quite touched about her warm and welcoming tone. Not the best first impression ever (NTS: Change ringback tone. Pronto.) but it’s the first real verbal communication over the phone I’ve had since I signed my contract last December. Another welcome email from my future mentor and manager came in later in the day. It finally hit me — I’m officially launching my professional career in exactly 20 days!

For lunch, K & I feasted at Colombo’s Delicatessen in Pacifica. The BBQ Beef and Godchild sandwiches on a sweet French rolls were amazingly tasty. I was semi reminded of Little Lucas and Ike’s Lair, but Colombo’s sandwiches do boast their own unique flavor and aftertaste. We topped it off with some delicious Italian macaroni salad. Then, we headed into the City.

Colombo’s BBQ Beef!

The miracle happened when we parked in a metered spot near Teaway, one of my favorite DIY pearl milk tea shops. We chucked in a few quarters, and then got our delicious custom made bobas (or in K’s case, strawberry cheesecake smoothie) & strawberry coffee ice cream crepe and forgot all about it. We walked out the door, when K suddenly bolted across the street. Oh sh*t. There was that all too familiar little parking cart, lights beeping right next to my car. K reached my car just in time. The parking attendant was just about to issue me a ticket, but K negotiated with him and put another coin in the meter. The guy was an angel…and shaking his head with a chuckle, got back into his little cart and drove off. My day was officially made.


As icing on the cake, I spent the night with my old high school friend James catching up and reminiscing at Gelato Classico on Castro Street, Mountain View. Their honey lavender and hazelnut ice creams are scrumptiously rich and flavorful. Cutler of course, was a delight to catch up and gossip with.

Cutler & I!

I burn through gas and miles like crazy traveling here and there, but its all worth it and I’m lovin’ it. Tomorrow morning, I’m heading to New York City.

Travel Often.



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