Cabo Day 4: ATVing, Parasailing, and Infinite Pool Gazing at the Orange Moon

Today, we flew through the desert sand dunes by the ocean on semi-automatic ATVs, went parasailing by the Arch, and lounged in the oceanside infinite pool admiring the glowing orange moon.

We rolled out of bed, grabbed a bite for breakfast, and headed out to the desert at 7 50am promptly. We donned our sexy bandanas, beat up helmets, and gathered around our ATVs….only to discover they were semi-automatic and…just a LITTLE ghetto. Oh well. The ride was absolutely exhilarating. We vroomed through steep and bumping sand roads through the desert, out into the open sand dune valley surrounded by mountains, and out to the sandy beach by the ocean.

Us gangster ATV-ers

Amidst the excitement, I also experienced a few fails. I was first in our line of 8 ATVs, and the pressure was on to set the pace for everyone else. My ATV was a bit more beat up than normal and wouldn’t shift to 4th gear smoothly. As we bounced up and down the sand dunes, my bag (loosely attached to the right back handle bar) flew out and scraped against my tires. The leather exterior ripped, but my trusty bag protected my precious contents. Phew. Except…almost simultaneously my helmet came loose and goggles slid down to my chin after I bounced on a particularly bumpy bump uphill.  The next 5 minutes were definitely unforgettable – I kept up the same speed while rescuing my bag with one hand and attempting to readjust my helmet all while securing my goggles over. Fail. Thankfully, our ATV team lead called for a break to rescue trapped ATVs so all was fine and dandy. That is, until my bag fell AGAIN. I was forced to slow down suddenly, which caused the couple behind Farrah to crash into her.

Our ATV gang

Asian driver coming through

Thankfully, the rest of the ATV adventure went smoothly. The views were gorgeous, the ride was unforgettable, and our ATV lead Alberto was super cool and carried my purse on his ATV all the way back.

After ahi tuna quesadilla, Shepherd’s Pie, and a delicious tres leches cake, we roamed around the Cabo San Lucas Marina and prepared for the next leg of our adventure: parasailing.

Signature Tres Leches Cake

Cutest parasail ever!

Chilango’s glass bottom water taxi took us back to the glistening Medano Bay. We boat-hopped, and 10 minutes later we were flying high over Sea of Cortez looking out at the ark. Our parasail – a giant golden smiley – was the cutest parasail I have ever seen.

We ended our Cabo San Lucas getaway with some delicious pina coladas and flan. Then, it was off to the city bus to return to our hotel. For the rest of the evening, we lounged around the resorts various pools, eventually falling in love with the view from the infinite pool out towards the ocean.

As we reminisced on college memories, a glowing orange moon appeared on the horizon. It was stunning. I’ve never seen a moon so orange, so round and so close to the ocean. What a rare sighting and amazing way to end our last night in Cabo.



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