Cabo Day 3: Jet Skiing & Sailing Around the Sea of Cortez

Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunset. Boat. Cabo San Lucas, Summer 2012!

Feelings of exhilaration, utter relaxation, awe, satisfaction, and complete fatigue – all in a days work. It was a smorgasbord of feelings and senses coming together to create the ultimate epic day. We slathered on copious amounts of sunscreen in the morning, and headed to breakfast right on the oceanfront. Mexican coffee, packed omelet, and a priceless view of heaven. Not a shabby start to the day.

We made the 15 minute walk out to Mega Mall, just in time to see our city bus about to head out toward Cabo San Lucas. We screamed like chickens and I tripped over mysteriously orange dirt, but we made it onto our bus.We walked around downtown Cabo San Lucas and headed to the pier. After some interesting experiences involving borrowing the manager of a grocery store’s computer in their tiny back office, we boarded Chilango’s glass bottom boats and headed to Medano Beach.

After rolling around in the waves, we got down to business on them waverunners. For the next hour and then some, we sped around the Sea of Cortez – through the famed El Arco arch, Pelican Rock, Lovers Beach, and back to the other side. Mine kept emitting terrifying screeching sounds and indicated an empty gas tank…but my amigo ensured me ‘no problemo’. Shrug. Therefore, back to vrooming around in the sparkling blue water, getting soaked, extremely sunburnt, and having an absolute blast.

After relaxing on the white sand beach, my amigo surprise lifted me princess style onto Chilango’s boat. When we headed back in the port, Farrah realized our amigos did not return our IDs… Back to the beach it was. Then back to the marina, where we changed, de-sanded, and feasted at Harley Davidson café and watched the Olympics.

We topped off our Mexican linner with a Haagen Das fondue feast. It was epic. The 12 mini ice cream balls topped with chocolate fondue were completely demolished.

The fruits…not so much.

We flew through the marina to locate dock L to catch our sunset cruise. Nada. Apparently, they relocated to H. I haven’t run so fast in quite a while. Our mad dash was rewarded, as we were the last ones to catch Captain Clemente’s boat just as they were about to set sail.

The sunset cruise was amazing. Sipping cocktails on a sailboat admiring the Arch at sunset was such a different feeling from jet skiing in the morning. I loved it.

The rest of the night we haggled at the flea market, met a cool tour guide from San Diego who gave us all huge list of the Cabo hotspots, and explored Puerto Paradiso.

On the last bus home, I ended up chatting up a storm with the cool Mexican guy sitting next to me. He told me about his home near Tijuana, his relocation to Cabo for work, and his best friend Daniel who also graduated from UC Berkeley. What a small world. I learned so many new things about Cabo and Baja California Sur through him. Interesting, engaging, and friendly people are everywhere.

Today was amazing.



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