Life after work is so different. Maybe because my first week was extra hectic, but I was so drained by the time I got into my car to drive to San Francisco. My 8 months of traveling and playing prior probably didn’t help the transition too much either. I am loving my job and learning tons, but it will definitely take awhile to get used to the hours.

To celebrate the completion of my first week of work, K & I went swimming. Haha! Super random, but super fun. We had a blast ‘racing’ each other, ‘jogging’ through the pool, and diving off the super high dive boards. It was our first time together in the water, and it was epic. Ooh and I won every race.

Then, we headed into the heart of the city to celebrate K’s first paycheck. He took me out to our usual favorite Loving Cup & Umami Burger. As usual, Loving Cup blew me out of the water with its freshness and unbeatable taste. K & I were experimental in our dessert combos, but everything tasted amazing. Yep, us cool kids had dessert and then dinner. We headed to Umami Burger, where I tried out their Manly Burger. It was extremely Manly indeed. Happy Dinner Date with Mr. Potatohead!

I love my loving cup!

My Manly Burger.

Of course, the rest of the night was devoted to my new it-thing for Friday nights – mahjong. This time in Daly City with Derrek’s mom’s glittery tiles from Hong Kong. So fierce!


Great start to a great weekend! 🙂



Date with Daddy

After another packed day at work, I had a date with my Daddy. Our default choice was Chinese food.

Today was the first time I’ve ever told off a waiter and straight up walked out of the restaurant. I’m feeling generous so I won’t disclose the name of that unfortunate place, but we had a pretty sh*tty experience. We walked in and there was not a single person in the restaurant. At 6 30pm. Bad sign already. Both the exterior and interior looked grungy, and there was a ghetto whiteboard with ‘specials’ messily scribbled only in Chinese. Plus, a disgruntled looking waiter who gave us plenty of attitude and not much service. After several prompts, he finally came by our to get our order. We ordered one item, but were taken aback when the next FIVE, I kid you not, options on the menu were ‘unavailable’. Um…so what is the point of having the item on the menu? We asked him nicely what he recommends, and he says go look for yourself on the blackboard. Um…rude much?

The last straw was when we politely asked him if we could get the order started with our first entree and get back to him on the rest. He looked visibly annoyed and walked towards the kitchen, and then refused. In his very words “Um can’t you make a decision now? Just pick something.”

I stood up, told him off and showed him real good. No wonder his restaurant is failing. I got up, flashed him my best rawr rawr face, and stomped out of the restaurant with my Daddy in tow. Jeez.

Instead, we went back to our usual Shanghai Pan-Fried Bun shop and indulged on those heavenly baos of meaty bliss.


Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm. Could never go wrong with those, and plus the service was stellar. It was a great end to a terrible beginning.

Daddy and I continued our date in my new apartment, where we got settled in and watched our current favorite singing show together. Its shot and produced in our hometown – Hangzhou, China! Of course, my 5th grade DARE lion joined in on the fun. It was like a mini family reunion.

I see the resemblance.

Our date concluded after a fun grocery shopping excursion to Safeway. 🙂 Daddy Time is always a good time!


Looong Day.

Today, I got home slightly before 11pm. I’m pretty pooped…but today was jam-packed with learning.

Highlight of the day was definitely my 2.5 hour meeting with my VP and the entire management team. It was epic and got me super pumped for what lies ahead. And plus, we got pretty much an unlimited supply of M&Ms. Plenty of laughs, plenty of jokes, and plenty of efficiency. Thats what I’m talking about.

Tomorrow its up up up and hit the ground running with some leadership training at 8am. Wish me luck!


First Day of the Rest of My Life…Check!

Today, I had my very first day of full-time work. My heels were way too high, I woke up way too early, and I way overestimated traffic. But my first day of work went amazingly smoothly. Quite overwhelming…but still smoothly. No tripping over my boss, no klutzy behavior. So far…

8.5 hours later, I gracefully walked (hobbled) out of my office on my 3 inch heels as a full-fledged working professional. For dinner, K & I enjoyed a nice and quiet 17 month-iversary date over pizza and soda.



Lunch with the Parents…

Dun Dun Dun…the boyfriend meets the parents…over Shanghai dumplings. After countless informal meetings and chitchats, my boyfriend and I finally had our first sit-down meal with my parents.


Noms. Shanghai Baos.

Daddy interrogating K on how to cook meat.

🙂 Lunch was super delicious, not to mention super hilarious thanks to K’s mandarin-speaking entertainment. Hehe.

Today was super relaxing. Now its 11:04 PM and I have my first day of work tomorrow morning. I’m excited, but also super nervous that I will trip over a pole, lose something, or do something really embarrassing. Either way…tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. Time to sleep and wake up fresh and prepared!



SF Saturdays

You learn new things every day. Like – regardless of how old I get, I still have the alcohol tolerance of a 2 year old. The sad sad fate of the half shot wonder. Or, more excitingly, how to play mahjong.

After a lovely daytime date with K around Daly City, we headed into the Mission for my lovely friend Laura’s birthday festivities at Limon Rotisserie. The place was swarming with people, and with good reason. They make a mean cocktail, and the food is amazing. Company was great as well, except K and I felt super old in the company of more than 20 college students. A few more alumni joined in later, so that was all good. My darling birthday girl looked byootiful, and all was fine and dandy until I got tipsy off 5 sips of my Bravo Yo…

Awww we look so happy! 🙂

Bday girl opening my present ❤

Fail its blurry..but yay!

Of course. Its Netappo in the City – Lolah Molah & Amoo! With our NetAppo face.

🙂 Good times. Hope you had a great one babygirl ❤

We continued the night with our boba fix at the usual Purple Kow, before heading to Brisbane. At Shang’s beautiful architectural marvel of a house, the boys introduced me to the magical world of mahjong. Round after round, the jade tiles clicked as we played deep into the AMs. Perhaps it was beginners luck, but K won 3 and I won twice. Mahjong is so fun!

Master Kevin and Shang

Fun fun fun last Saturday before work starts!