Cabo Day 2: Riding Camels In the Desert by the Sea.

Camels are amazing creatures. They can carry up to a ton on their backs, walk through the desert with virtually no food or water for days, and have the most adorable 2 layers of eyelashes that adorn their eyes. Today, I had the honor of riding one.

Camel & I!

We boarded a van to the Cabo San Lucas Dolphin Aquarium, took another bus out to the heart of the Baja Californian desert. There, we hopped onto rugged terrain 4X4s and held on for dear life. Our guide, Chicas, was downright hilarious. He sure loves his tequila!


Moi on the 4X4

Chicas took us on quite a tour of the flora and fauna of the desert. The desert was both scorching and dry – it had me burning and actually missing the humidity of Hong Kong. Chicas took good care of us, supplying us with plenty of water and educating us on all sorts of interesting things about the cactus and other flora fauna. I had absolutely no idea that the dragonfruit is from cactus, nor that the flower on the cactus only blooms for 24 hours a year.

Farrah & I in the desert!


Cabo’s desert is located right alongside the ocean, and the view is absolutely amazing. We hopped back onto the 4X4, which delivered us to our prime destination for the day: Camel Land! Well, the beautiful white sand beach alongside the ocean where the camels reside. We took pictures with a particular friendly camel who gave us kissies, donned Arabian style helmet/head drapes, and climbed onto the back of a camel. Our camel ride was amazing. The camel’s fur is so fuzzy, and when we went fast through the dessert I could sense its powerful muscles of steel pulsating under me. The ride alongside the ocean was such a blast!

Camel King and Farrah & I!


We topped off our camel riding expedition with a traditional Mexican linner and tequila tasting! The latter did not end so well for both Farrah and I…

Oh lord, tequila!

I love Cabo!



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