From LA to Cabo

After a lovely night at Motel 6, we got into our trusty little Nissan Versa and headed to LAX. We sadly handed back our cute little rental, checked-in, and got ready to embark on the next segment of our journey: Cabo.

Warm, Beautiful, and Dreamy Cabo


Cabo is a heavenly escape. Everyone’s out to have a good time, and the vibe cannot possibly be more relaxed and mellow. We got settled in our lovely all-inclusive resort room, feasted on Mexican buffet, and took a lovely stroll down to the water. The waves took us by surprise, and both of us were soaked to the hip. We spent the rest of the evening stretched out in ocean blue hammocks by the beach, enjoying the gentle breeze that lapped at our faces.

Zen mode.

Farrah & I!

Night view from our balcony.

Beautiful start to a beautiful vacation.



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