SoCal Escapades Day 4: SD, Long Beach, to LA


Time flies when you are having way too much fun. This morning, we packed up our stuff and headed to downtown La Jolla for a last big group dinner. We headed to Bernini’s Bistro, which was extremely delicious, not to mention extremely chic and artfully decorated. Elena, Alan, Farrah, Brian, Dun and I were joined by Brian, Grace, and Kevin for lunch. I haven’t seen Brian or Grace since high school, so it felt so nice to catch up. My lemon ricotta pancakes, a Bernini Bistro signature, were a tad sweet but still delectable.

Goodbyes are always bittersweet. After a lovely lunch, we hugged goodbye and hopped into our car (decorated with yet another parking warning…fail). I pulled out the parking lot, and started our 2 hour journey to Long Beach.

Or…a little shorter than that, thanks to my Asian style speeding. Oops. We arrived in Long Beach by 3, and decided to stroll by the Queen Mary.

Shortly after, we met up with Patrick, Kiwa, Nana, and Chloe at The Pike. We took a ferris wheel, which provided us with spectacular views of the city and the coast. Then, we headed toward a beach. Long Beach is the epitome of a Californian beach town, and I think everyone definitely had a great time. The highlight was definitely our team effort to build two busty sand boobies. Yes…real classy.

Dinner was a heart attack, literally in the number of calories consumed and the epic deliciousness that was Libra Brazilian Steak House in Culver City. Heavily reminiscent of my Fogo de Chao date with Andrea in Philadelphia, the all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ meat just kept coming. Their skirt steak, lamp chop, and sirloin were particularly tender and rich when paired with their signature onion vinaigrette. The salad bar was impressive, while the complementary cheese puff bottomless appetizers were to die for.

We followed up our dinner with Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream back in Beverly Hills. The coffee ice cream paired with the red velvet cone are a match made in heaven.

And of course. What do a good-sized group of Asians do in San Gabriel Valley on a Sunday night? Karaoke. Energy Karaoke of Alhambra was the chosen spot, and off we went.

Our SoCal road trip has been such a blast. Every day has been packed with adventure, and while I find myself constantly sleepy, I love the SoCal vibe, people and food.

Excited for Cabo tomorrow!





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