SoCal Escapades Day 3: Sunny SD, Coronado Island, and Downtown La Jolla

I love San Diego – the weather, the people, the mellow vibe, the diversity….enough said. It is now 3:56am and I am exhausted beyond words. I’m sticking to my Project 365 regardless, so I will recap with pictures for now. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well, here are 9 to chronicle my day. That’s 9000 words. Kind of 🙂

Group Lunch @ Tofu House

DunDun & I with our Mootime ice creams on Coronado Island!

Farrah & I @ the Coronado Beach!

Funny Picture

Group pic! Dun, Elena, Farrah, Moi, and Manish.

Humongous Sushi Boat.

Group DinDin @ Tadashi Sushi

@ Min Suk Chon 😀

Group Pic @ the end of the night 🙂

Will add in words later. Time to knock out.



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