SoCal Escapades Day 2: The Feast Continues

We woke up, gobbled up Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffle leftovers, were greeted by a parking ticket (damn you Friday morning street cleaning!), and headed out to commence our food journey.

First stop – Sprinkles cupcakes, after Waze led us on a wild goose chase around Rodeo Drive. I was so excited to try out their Sprinkles cupcake ATM machine, and despite Yelp complaints about cards getting declined I had no problem and received my cute Chai Latte Cupcake with one swipe. Very original and creative concept!

Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM!

We walked a bit around Beverly Hills, and then headed to The Milk Shop. Thai tea ice cream macaroons….enough said. Top that with a mint chocolate crunch shake and I was in sugar heaven. I will definitely be back.



Thai Tea Ice Cream Macaroon!

Farrah & I!

Craving some salty foods, we decided to make the 45 minute drive to the White Rabbit Fusion Cafe in Canoga Park. White Rabbit is one of my must-go food places in LA, and since we couldn’t find the White Rabbit Food Truck, Fusion Cafe it was. LA traffic was horrible as usual, but one bite into that delicious, hearty, fatty Pork Tocino (Chicken Adobo for Farrah) with garlic rice, egg cooked just a bit melty, cheese made it all worth it. I paired my burrito with Boba Truck’s Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea. Soooooo good. Last summer when K & I had our epic SoCal road trip, we stopped by White Rabbit on our way up and ordered every single burrito off the menu. Holy cow they were so good.

White Rabbit. Heavenly Phillipino-Mexican Fusion.

The drive back through 101 and 405 to meet my dear friend George for dinner was not so good. There seemed to be major accidents every few miles, and we were often in a complete standstill. Wonderful. 25 minutes late, we finally arrived at the famous Father’s Office. They carded us at the door, and we were greeted by George . Dinner was tons of fun, with delicious burgers, shoestring fries with garlic ranch, and Magic Hat #9 – a fruity tasting beer from Burlington, Vermont. And of course, George being George. Its nice to see that after 2+ years of not seeing each other, some things never change. 🙂

Group pic @ Father’s Office with ‘Papa George”!

Old Man Wu & I!

After dinner, we made the relatively smooth (despite my horrible navigation skills and Waze going crazy multiple times) 2 hour drive down to San Diego. We met up with my high school friend Alan for drinks and some delicious sushi at Bluefin Sushi. The ex-boyfriend roll was some good stuff! Alan and I have not really hung out since high school, so it was pretty awesome catching up, reminiscing, and chatting about how everyone has evolved since high school. Time flew, and before we knew it was already midnight. We headed together toward UCSD to find my bestie Elena.

Alan & Elena being sweeties carrying our luggage.

Here we are now, camping out in Elena’s new living room. Its been a long, but happy and fatty day.



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