SoCal Escapades: Eating Our Way Through LA

Los Angeles, I have returned…in style.

At 8:30am this morning, Farrah and I boarded the unmarked Vietnamese ‘Low Fare Bus’ parked outside Lee’s Sandwiches, paid $40 cash, and got comfortable for our 5 hour (only!) bus ride down to LA. I came with low expectations, but was extremely impressed. The driver was skilled and weaved like a ninja through traffic. We got a free Lee’s sandwich with our ticket, seats were comfy, and we were able to sit back and watch The Last Samurai. At 2pm, we had already arrived at Chinatown. Impressive, and cheap!

30 minutes later, I was on the road with my cute little Nissan Versa, courtesy of Hertz. We headed towards San Gabriel Valley and embarked on our epic foodie expedition. First stop: Half & Half. Its been a year since we last met, and boy have I missed those adorable fat cups (as adopted by SF Purple Kow), honey boba, and ice milks. I went for #9: iced milk with caramel, pudding, and honey boba. Delicious, although a bit on the sweet side. The honey boba adds that extra oomph and mixes quite well with the pudding.

Farrah and her bobas!

10 minutes later, Henry showed up. It was so nice reuniting with him, and he offered himself up as our local guide and chauffeur for the afternoon. Boba in hand, we headed to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. This place is legendary in the foodie world, so I was ecstatic. I opted for the Carol Special and mac & cheese. Dee-licious.


Henry & I! ❤

Stuffed to the brim, we decided to head to Rowland Heights for Class 302, named after one of Jay Chou’s most popular songs. There, we sampled their signature strawberry and mango shaved ice. The first spoonful in, I felt like I was back in Taiwan. Perfect, melt-in-your-mouth, authentic Taiwanese shaved ice = heaven. We decided to add some Taiwanese oyster pancakes to add to our developing food baby.


On the way back, we stopped by 85C Bakery to stock up on delicious baked goods. By the time Henry dropped us back off at our car, we were food coma-ed to the max.  We decided to take a break from food for awhile and headed up to Griffiths Observatory for a breathtaking view of LA.

View from Griffiths Observatory

Farrah & I @ GO

My favorite Star!

We spent the rest of our night walking down Hollywood Blvd looking for our favorite stars, chilling with Batman & the Joker & Bane, and checking out the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Bane, Moi, the Joker, Farrah & Batman

First day of LA road trip has been an epic success. Time to pass out!



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