12 Miles of Beautiful Pacifica

Pacifica, California is often consumed by a thick film of fog, hence its nickname Fog City. But when it is sunny, Pacifica is beautiful beyond words. My boyfriend K spent most of his life here, and today we decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather to explore Pacifica’s beauty.

We took my car down past the pier, found a good parking spot, and decided to go for a long walk. I wrapped myself up in his leather jacket, but was still freezing. K on the other hand, strolled casually in a light jacket like a true local. We held hands and walked down a long strip by the beach, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against shore and my howls regarding my frozen ears. We ascended long long flight of stairs up a hill, and the view atop literally took my breath away.

Standing on a mountaintop, looking out at the infinite Pacific Ocean stretched out before us, and striking crazy yoga poses against the wind. Definitely my kind of Tuesday afternoon.

Shad sign.

K & I!

Pacifica is gorgeous.

The Potatoheads & the Pacific Ocean

Successful jump. 1st try!

Happy Potatoheads

K and his yoga

Pacifica ❤

It was a freezing and long walk, but somehow…just somehow…I think the experience was 100% worth it. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Tuesday afternoon, nor a better companion to spend it with. 12 miles of beautiful, beautiful Pacifica with my amazing boyfriend. 🙂

While my Pacifica hike was the absolute highlight of the day, I was also extremely proud of myself for being extremely efficient. I have finally hammered out my SoCal-Cabo road trip despite recent surprise changes, and even managed to score a sweet discount on my Hertz car rental thanks to my buddy Jay. K & I made a trip to Costco, where I purchased some much needed supplies and eyeballed things to buy after I move into my new place. At night, I drove from Pacifica down to Milpitas, picked up Charlie, and we nabbed the best seats in the theater to watch Dark Knight Rises. Epic movie, with major props to Anne Hathaway for being the sexiest, sassiest, and most hilarious Cat Woman ever. Meow.



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