San Francisco Roaming

My Monday was dedicated to San Francisco. Relaxing in Sunset District, catching up with Dan at the Ferry Building, strolling down Embarcadero with Charlie and friends, and going on an exciting dinner date with K in the Tenderloin. I also took the Muni for the first time!

After lunch with K and his family at San Tung’s, K escorted me to the Muni. Clipper card in hand, I hopped on the N towards Embarcadero. First impression of Muni: seems more modern and feels cleaner than the BART. From Judah, it took me about 30 minutes to get to Embarcadero. For once, San Francisco was sunny and bright, so I reached for my J1 to start capturing SF’s beauty. Only one small problem – I left my memory card in my laptop back at K’s house. Epic fail!

Thank god my spiffy IPhone 4s came to the rescue. Dan and I met up, roamed around the Ferry Building, and then I introduced him to the wonderful world of Hog Island oysters and clam chowder. The sunlight reflected off the water and the Bay Bridge stood proud before us as we sat and chatted in our table outdoors, happily slurping up oysters of all shapes and sizes.

I’ve missed you SF.

Ferry Building!

Love this place.

Post-oyster fiesta, Dan followed up with a Baccolone salumi meat cone, which is literally strips of different tasty meats in a cone. I opted for a real ice cream cone (well, cup) at Ciao Bella. Soon, we were joined by Charlie, Henry, Veronica, and Hsinhsin. As half-locals, Charlie and I were ‘tour guides’ and as a big group we roamed around Embarcadero.

Charlie’s a WONDERFUL photographer. -_- Dan & I @ The Rocket.

Dan @ Bay Bridge!

Group Pic @ Embarcadero 7.24.2012

For dinner, K & I opted to head to the Tenderloin for some mouthwatering authentic Cajun soul food. We trudged uphill in the cold and past shady company to finally arrive at our destination….to find it closed. Tragedy. Instead, we meandered around the Tenderloin until we came upon a cozy Thai joint known as Lers Ros Thai Restaurant. What a hidden gem – the pad see ew, curry puffs, and red duck curry with garlic & ginger rice were absolutely delicious. I have to say I’ve found my new favorite Thai spot in the city!

After tiptoeing past a few sleeping hobos and avoiding other crazy angry old people, we made it to our car and headed out to Daly City to end the night with a movie.



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