A Date in Santa Cruz with My Best Friend

The sun was bright and cheery, the views were gorgeous, and all participated in the big fat lie called ‘a hot summer day at the beach’. The wind was piercing cold, we were dressed in real beach wear, and after a freezing struggle we escaped back to the car. Oh, what a familiar welcome to Santa Cruz.

So after my exhausting but fun night, I rolled into bed, passed out, and woke up quite a bit behind schedule. Fashionably late, I headed to Cupertino and was reunited with my bestie Elena after what has felt like eternity. We hugged, surprised each other with lovely gifts <3, and headed out for an amazing day in Santa Cruz. We headed straight for Natural Bridges State Beach, and drove down along the coast while catching up. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Gorgeous, and deceptively warm and sunny day!

One of my favorite beaches in SC!

Monie & Elena in Santa Cruz!

Gorgeous…and deceptively ‘warm and sunny’.

Why are you so cute ❤

Heaven. I am loving my J1!


Encountered the cutest beagle. Mwa!

We followed the coast all the way to the boardwalk, where we reminisced about our high school graduation trip here and failed as usual to find parking. After driving down the palm tree lined waterfront street for awhile, we opted to head to the Asian Rose Cafe. This vegan Californian/Sri Lankan restaurant is uniquely Santa Cruzian and switches it up at night by turning into Malabar, in essence a whole other restaurant following the Karma Kitchen concept. Well…we happend to arrive at 4:15pm, which is 15 minutes after Asian Rose closed and 45 minutes before Malabar starts getting up and running. Therefore, Mobi Sushi it was.

Mobi Sushi was delicious, and the outdoor patio in the back had a lovely ambience. Service was stellar, the sushi rolls were creative and delicious, and we were rescued from the cold with a heat lamp perched above our table.

Salmon Baker. Nuff Said.

We stayed at Mobi for hours, slowly enjoying our food & each other’s company. Santa Cruz has such an infectious vibe, as we were both feeling so mellow and relaxed after strolling through Trader Joe’s.

Even their doors are so pretty!

So much has changed since freshman year in high school, but our friendship has been rock solid through the ups and the downs. Regardless of how long I go without seeing Elena, we can pick up right where we left off. We eventually got back on Highway 17 and braved the bipolar traffic to arrive at Elena’s house, say farewell to her Mommy & cat, and grab her packed bags. Then, we all but flew to the airport. I’m so excited to see her down in SoCal next week.

At night, I raced to a memorable 3 hour karaoke session with Charlie and his friends. Then, with a raspy throat and fully exhausted body, I took a deep breath and drove to San Francisco with the clock ticking past 1am.

Exhausting, but precious, precious weekend.



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