Charlie’s Farewell…and 5AM Drives Down 880

My ‘dad’ Charchar & I.

Bittersweet. One of my best best friends Charlie is leaving soon to attend medical school in Vermont. Tonight was his farewell party, and while I had a blast…I couldn’t help but reminisce about our great memories together throughout college and beyond. Life in the Bay will not be the same without him.

After a late night with Charlie and friends last night, I sped home and immediately crashed in bed. All too soon, my alarm clock rang and it was time for more errands. At noon, I rushed to Xanh, one of my favorite restaurants on Castro Street to meet my good friend Michael. It was so nice to catch up after such a long period, and extra amazing since Xanh now serves a delicious lunch buffet for under $14. The entrees, including many vegetarian options, were plentiful, and many of my usual favorite menu items were featured at a fraction of the price of the dinner entree. Score!

After spending most of my afternoon around Castro – going on an eyeglass/contacts hunt with Michael, buying some boba at Verde and getting some reading done – I headed to Joy Luck Place to meet Charlie, his preschool best friend, best friend’s girlfriend, and a few old Berkeley friends for dinner. Despite the terrible service, the food – roast duck, mango shrimp rolls, XO beef, and tofu soup among others, was decent. We picked up 2 boxes of 2 buck chuck chardonnay from Trader Joe’s and headed to Milpitas to get the party started….

8 hours later, I drove quietly down 880 with the radio off. Few cars were on the road, and everything was serene and tranquil. The sky shifted from a moody dark purple to blue, added a pinkish hue, and seemed to light up after I grabbed a quick coffee at 7-11.


Here I am finally at home, but unable to fall asleep. After the party died down, Kat and I stayed behind and us three sat there and had a long long conversation. I was exhausted and I needed to pick up my best friend Elena around 9am for our special full-day date, but it was all worth it. Great memories, both old and new.

He’s mean. But he’s my best fwend.



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