Blur of Productivity

Today was a blur. A blur of maximum productivity. Wake up, eat, get ready, rush out the door. First up, paperwork for work – offer letter, benefits package. Then, more paperwork for lease application. Then vroom vroom off to Sumiya for my lunch date with Charlie.

After a delicious and fun lunch, I headed to my new apartment, grabbed some more paperwork, turned in my application fee and officially signed my lease on my new apartment. Not so baby steps toward full adulthood.

I raced to make my 3 30pm appointment at Valley Fair Apple Store to fix up my poor Macbook Air. My Asia escapades have not been good to my technology….and lets just say Highway 101 and its terrible traffic was not good to me either. Eventually I was fashionably late, and a genius genius fixed up my baby. Tick Tok, the clock ticked away and I rushed to the food court to meet up with Andrew. Its been too long! Despite the rather interesting lead-in – borrowing some clothes in order to cross-dress for his Italian summer camp kids at their dance tonight – I enjoyed a nice meal with him in my most favorite food court of my childhood.

After, I rushed out to buy roses and meet up with my mother in celebration of her birthday. We ate a quiet and simple dinner at home. I disclosed my passion for music, and showed her some demos I recorded in Hong Kong. Baby steps forward toward mutual understanding.

Rainbow of Roses

Mommy & Monie

Next, it was a hectic trip to the San Jose Airport to pick up my bestie Elena. Then rush back, drop off things at home, spend some more time at home, and head out again to meet up with CharChar, Kat, and friends.

Lets hope the weekend is a little bit more laid back.



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