Catching up with friends is always a joy. I’ve packed my schedule to meet up with as many old friends as possible. SF and Purple Kow with Michael. Hyundai with Farrah. Karaoke fest with Charlie and friends. 4am conversations with Elex at Denny’s. Our favorite yakitori place with Jason. Layang Layang with Tracy. Reacclimatization has been seamless, although Hong Kong remains on my mind.

As I enjoy these happy days, I’m also looking forward to expansion – mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I’m gearing up to move into my new apartment (with my first private bedroom in the last 5 years), and signing my lease tomorrow. I’m planning out a getaway with my best friend Elena when she flies up to visit for the weekend. Tomorrow, I’m devoting a big chunk of time to planning for my upcoming Southern California road trip and Cabo getaway. I’ve also decided to fly to New York in August to visit many of my wonderful old friends I haven’t seen in ages.

I can’t wait.



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