Epic Biking Expedition…Followed By Major Food Coma

This morning, I biked 18 miles. Joining K and his fambam in their intense weekly excursion, we biked through the San Andreas Trail, the Sawyer Camp Trail, and all the way back. Needless to say, this is the most intense exercise I have gotten in a looong time. Despite the physical torture, in hindsight it was pretty epic.

The view along the beautiful Sawyer Camp trail.

I don’t think my lungs have breathed air that crisp and fresh since I left for Asia in January. The views of Crystal Springs Watershed were breathtaking. While my body was in pain, my mind was in complete zen mode. As we biked down the big hills, I sat back, took deep breaths of the fresh air, and enjoyed the cooling wind in my face. For those treacherous uphills, I huffed and puffed…moving at the speed of light in first gear. With K’s sweet encouragements and his fambam bicycle gang’s patience, I finally made it out alive. I dont think I will be able to move tomorrow, and I will probably have a sore bum for the rest of the year…but I had a lot of fun. I felt super healthy!

So…that super healthy thing lasted about one hour. We headed back, changed, and rushed to SF to The Tipsy Pig to meet Vincent for his birthday lunch. Traffic was a b*tch due to AIDS walk. I was a little sad as we drove past Golden Gate Park, because I realized this is the first AIDS walk I’ve missed in years. I will definitely restart that tradition next year!

We made it before the kitchen closed, and Vincent, K and I were united in San Francisco. SF is no Hong Kong, but we had a blast pigging out at TTP. Delicious sides of bacon mac’n cheese and sweet potato fries, a Strawberry Field cocktail (one of those evil deceptive fruity juice mixes that hit hard later), and their signature Tipsy Burger completely destroyed my ‘healthy’ streak of the day.

Bomb bacon mac’n cheese.

Love the ambience. One of my favorite gastropubs 🙂

Not even a scenic (and freezing) stroll through Palace of Fine Arts, the place where K & I first met, could make me feel less bloated.

Vincent @ Palace of Fine Arts

Sweet memories.

After, we piled into Vincent’s mini and accidentally ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge, took a spontaneous detour, and ended up near Land’s End. Miraculously, we ended up reaching our next destination – Akiba – completely by chance. At Akiba, we demolished one of their signature Honey Toast Boxes with gelato! It was anticlimactic since their usual anime maid waitresses were not present, but the dessert was still extremely tasty. Happy Birthday Vincent!

Mr. & Mrs. Potatohead @ Akiba!

Later, we parted ways and headed back home. At this point, I was about to completely knock out due to a combo of extreme fatigue and extreme food coma. This was unfortunate, as a delicious and hearty dinner of burgers and ice cream crepes was served for dinner at K’s soon after. I spent tonight hanging out with K’s homies and stuffing my face incessantly.

Memorable Sunday 🙂



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