American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life 7.14-15.2012

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me – Psalm 23:4

Today was dedicated to performing at American Cancer Society California Chinese Unit’s Relay for Life. Since I misplaced my driver’s license last night, my lovely boyfriend woke up super early to drive all the way from San Francisco to be my chauffeur. We arrived early to make my 11am rehearsal time. I worked with the sound technician for a thorough sound check, and went through a false alarm over midi sound channels – I almost had to switch all of my songs last minute. Thankfully, sound check was cleared, and I found myself dubbed on the program with a rather interesting nickname: K歌女王 (Karaoke Queen). I’m flattered, but definitely have a long ways to get there!


Foothill Stadium on a sunny Saturday

The Stage!

After successful sound check!

Emcee Char Char!

At 4 30pm, the emcee introduced me, I stepped up on stage, and launched into my performance. The audience was dynamic, the weather was amazing, and all was good – until a bug flew into my mouth in the middle of my second song. Literally in my mouth. I choked mid-verse, but managed to finish the song with the bug in my mouth. Blergghh…disgusting experience.


After my performance, K & I spent the rest of the day hanging around the performance tent. K and I settled on the grass to cheer on our new friend Vincent. At a mere age 17, Vincent has an amazing voice. He powered through 9 songs and blew us away. Soon, my ‘dad’ Charlie showed up to prep for his night ceremony emcee gig.

The absolute highlight of my day was meeting my idol from the Taiwanese Idol Superstar Avenue – Alisa Galper. She has a gorgeous voice, and captivating stage presence. She is super down to earth and friendly in person, and I could not believe that our names were on the same performance program. So starstruck.

Alisa & I!

After enjoying Alisa’s performance, K & I headed out to meet up with his friends in San Francisco. Today has been extremely meaningful to me – I met one of my singing idols, dedicated time towards a meaningful cause (definitely way more personal after this summer), and spent a lot of quality of time with amazing individuals.



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