Around the Bay.

In the three days I’ve been back, I’ve driven 315 miles around the bay area. Its been quite the contrast to my life on the MTR, minibus, and horrific Chinese big busses.

From Sunnyvale to Pacifica, San Francisco to Berkeley, and Cupertino to Richmond, I’m glad to know that not much has changed. A few old shops have been replaced with new owners and decor, a few trends have changed, and the weather is more bipolar than I remember. But overall, its as if I never left. Familiarity is a nice feeling I haven’t felt in awhile.

Aside from meeting up with good old friends like Michael, Chris, and Vincent, I’ve been focused on reacquainting myself with my old lifestyle. Music Tunnel KTV, Funky Door Bikram Yoga, Highway 9, the Berkeley Hills, Skyline. I prepped for my upcoming performance in San Francisco this Saturday for Relay for Life. I met up with Vincent and sampled good eats from the Food Truck Fest in Berkeley today. I worked up a good sweat at Funky Door Bikram Yoga and basked in the afterglow with my usual passion fruit coconut water.

Off the Grid, Southside Berkeley.


Vincent! 🙂 Fello fake Canto

Blurry. But its Chris!!!

I miss Asia, but life back home ain’t so bad either.



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