My Boyfriend’s Birthday

At 12:01am, K’s super awesome Mommy & I teamed up to pull the surprise  him. Needless to say, the Birthday Boy seemed to be pretty happy. 🙂 We gathered at the dinner table and sang Happy Birthday together. We nibbled on his tasty birthday cake, and he swooped me up and spun me round and round. Happy Happy Day!

Before I start chronically our lovely day, I wanted to share 3 photos. I have been craving these 3 things the minute I left for Asia…and it feels SO GOOD to be reunited with these simple, but amazing little things in life. I am such a happy camper with my hot cheeto fries, Chipotle, and hands behind the wheel again!

REUNITED with my hot cheeto fries :D:D:D:D:D


Driving again in San Francisco!

For my boyfriend’s big day, I had a whole day planned out…but it epically failed because we ended up passing out until 2pm. Its okay, since we ended up having a blast anyways. I volunteered to be my boyfriend’s chauffeur for the day, and despite his initial terror I soon proved to quite competent.

In Daly City, we pigged out on a heavenly lunch of Chipotle. Finally, Mexican food done right. That is one thing thats nonexistent in Asia. After I finally got my fix, we grabbed my teddy bear from Jejudo Teddy and sped to Century Theaters just in time to watch Ted.

Ted was hilarious. People have given it mixed reviews, but I personally found it cute and hilarious. Highly recommended for some light-hearted Family Guy-esque humor. Not to mention, Ted the talking teddy bear is the cutest pot-smoking badass bear bear ever.

After Ted, I took K for a drive down memory lane. We plowed through traffic, crossed the Bay Bridge, and headed for Berkeley. As the sun started to set, I took K for the ride of his life up the Berkeley hills (read: crazy Asian girl driver). As we pulled up to spot where we had our first date, we were blown away by beauty before us. Ignoring the gangstas hotboxing 5 ft away from us, we held hands and admired the pink and gold rays of the sun as it set over the bay.

Berkeley Hills

Sunset over the Berkeley Hills

Spectacular views at my old go-to spot.

We continued our memory lane journey at Ici’s, our absolute favorite ice cream shop. The last stop of the night was Zachary’s, the place where it all started – with napkin artwork of cartoon sheep, an outrageously fat and cheesy Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and a night filled with engaging conversation & belly laughs.

@ Ici’s, my hands down favorite ice cream shop.

Back at Zachary’s: Our First Date!

Operation Surprise the Boyfriend: Epic success.


P.S. I am freezing my pants off back in the States. This is a sad excuse for summer, San Francisco! Give me back my hot, sunny, and humid Hong Kong summer weather. 😦


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