Secret Journey Across the Pacific Ocean

So in the last 15 hours, I packed up the last 7 months of my life, somehow lugged my 6 luggages to Hong Kong Station, broke a nail, got fined 800+ HKD for excess baggage, and secretly hopped on a 13 flight to San Francisco. Everything was a bit of a sweaty and confusing blur, but 15 hours later there I was back in the United States of America. So unreal.

The reason for this undercover departure from Asia was so I could show up at midnight of July 10th, 2012 at my boyfriend’s doorstep for his 22nd birthday. Ever since I decided to postpone my start date and pay a visit to China many months ago, I’ve been plotting this surprise return. In order for the surprise to succeed, I told most of my friends I was coming back in August.

Security was extremely tight for most US-bound flights, so everyone’s bags got searched again before getting on the plane. My bag looked ‘suspiciously shaped’, and with furrowed brows and intense concentration, my security guy pulled out….my Build-A-Bear Teddy wearing my red neck pillow. Busted. He laughed and sent me on my way. 25 minutes later, I was staring out the window for my last glimpses of Asia…for a while.

Goodbye and Hello.

My arrival at SFO was seamless. My mom was only half hour late, and I was able to grow muscles of steel (totally) lugging all of my luggage to my 2nd floor apartment. At 40 minutes before K’s Birthday, I flew downstairs. For the first time in 7 months, I got behind the wheel of my car and drove the 39.9 miles to his house like a madwoman. Holy Catfish…I280 was so darn foggy.

I went 95 mph, ran a few stop signs, and showed up at his doorstep at 12:01 am.

Happy Birthday BB, and Hello America!

Back in the US of A



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