HK Monday

At her usual 5 50am, Andrea sprang out of bed to get ready for work. I opted to sleep in…until 7. I lazed around, looked at all my new purchases, and headed out to IFC to meet Charlie for breakfast.

After a rather embarrassing miscommunication involving elevators and my lack of ability to distinguish between floors, I was finally reunited with my “dad”. And of course, I introduced him to the world of Tim Ho Wan. After we stuffed ourselves into pigs, the IFC rooftop proved to be a nice breath of fresh air.

After I sent Charlie off on the Airport Express, my busy day of errands and city shooting with my J1. I started in Causeway Bay, moved to Sham Shui Po, and ended up between Sheung Wan and Central. I exchanged money at my go-to currency booth (best rates, hand down), finally closed my HSBC student credit card, and did way too much shopping.

For dinner, Andrea and I returned to Crystal Jade Restaurant, the place I had my first dinner in HK. Great memories, old and new. For dessert, we decided to venture to the exotic Starbucks Cha Chan Teng on Duddell Street. Designed in collaboration with G.O.D., the one of a kind Starbucks is fashioned after a classic Hong Kong style cafe. The attention to detail was exquisite, and truly a perfect fusion of East and West.




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