Back in the Kong

True to my word, I’m back in my second home for a bit.

As usual, the journey getting here was crazy and a whopping 9 hours. Fail…as the direct flight from Hangzhou to Hong Kong is only 2 hours. I attribute it the crazy crowds at Shenzhen Bay China-HKSAR border and my Asian inclination to go cheap in order to save more for my big purchase (hehe read on!). I rolled out of bed at 4 30 am, and arrived in Sheung Wan at 1 30pm. Holy catfish.

I was happily reunited with Andrea, and since I was ravenous, we feasted like pigs at Maxim’s Palace. Scrumptious, heavenly, authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum. Mmmmm.

Then, it was girl time. An extremely fruitful shopping expedition at our secret Central hidden shop was followed by a Causeway Bay excursion. Hauls from SaSa, Bonjour, and Colourmix made my wallet cry and my budding inner shopaholic jump for joy.

For dinner, we dined at the classy and cute Orchard Cafe & Restaurant for our Japanese fusion fix. Everything blew me away, especially the salmon rolls and foie gras fried rice. Since foie gras is now banned in California as of July 1, I’m determined to get my fix in Asia. Stellar food, stellar company.

Clutching our pot bellies, we resumed shopping. At Fortress, I made that big purchase. I finally upgraded from my IPhone 4S camera to a glorious Nikon J1. It’s perfect for me, as it’s a stylish and functional cross between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR. I decided to take advantage of their amazing one-deal and snatched the last camera in stock. Along with 2 different lens, I was gifted a camera stand, SD card, card reader, camera bag, extra battery and a bunch of other freebies for $50 USD less than the cheapest price I found online. Score!

Then, we were off to our beloved Wanchai Red Mr for a night of karaoke therapy.

At 4am, we dragged our bodies down the stairs, into a cab, and passed out once we got home.

Feels so good to be back.




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