Mountains & Cats

I seem to be making good friends with the sunrise, since I see it so often these days. Once more, I rolled out of bed way too early and got ready. My uncle drove us to Wu Shan Square, where we grabbed a delicious breakfast at  my beloved 85 Degrees Bakery. Then we walked aimlessly up and down the street chatting, waiting for the 8 am K514 bus to FuYang.

At 8:02, the rusty old 514 came rolling down the street. I gingerly hoisted myself up the uneven steps, waved goodbye to my uncle, and I was off. An hour later, we finally rolled into the mountains.

For the rest of the day, I helped my aunt and uncle cook and clean, set up her IPad, and play with Mimi. Simple happy moments.


At 5pm, I bid them farewell and hopped on the even more rickety bus back to civilization. I strolled around InTime Mall, and ended up purchasing some clothes from Uniqlo. Michael picked me up after work, and we headed back together for a lovely dinner of delicious roast pork. After dinner, I turned around to see this adorable image.



I love my two cats Mimi and Happy. I swear, there’s a high chance I will age into one of those crazy cat ladies.



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