Home, Music, and Hello Kitty Nails

I’ve been listening to this song since it came out.

The lyrics depict the loneliness of a girl working far away from home and the warmth of family. She started out full of goals but soon realizes that she’s changed. She’s been sucked into the competitive environment, become a hardened and distorted version of her old self, and she realizes just how alone she is.

While not as dramatically emo, I can relate deeply to that girl. Its so nice to have a place to call home, and the unconditional love of family. This past month in China has allowed me to completely embrace the family that I never knew meant so much. Against chaos and bad news, I’ve been able to bond with them in ways I’ve never imagined. Despite having grown up away from them for most of my life, they have shown me unconditional love. They respect me as an adult, confide in me like a friend, and love me as family. Despite camping out (literally) on living room floors and guest room-surfing at the homes of different relatives, I’ve never felt more like I’m home.

My luxury suite for the night.

When I start work, I will be halfway across the world from all of them. But regardless of where I am, I’m so happy there will always be a home in China with its doors (and floor) wide open for me.

Extra happy points for the Hello Kitty French manicure shop next door.

My Hello Kitty mani!



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