Swimming at Sunrise, among other things.

At the crack of dawn, Lil Wayne woke me up with his gangsta rap. A 5 minute snooze later, he was back. I rolled out of bed just in time to catch my uncle doing some stretches at the door. We changed into our gear and slipped downstairs. Splash! The water was chilly. I did a few water jumping jacks and started to do laps. It’s been too long. Just like that, my uncle and I did laps until the sun came out. The water felt so good, and sunrise was beautiful. Soon, we were joined by elderly men in vividly colored speedos. Chinese old people are so badass.

After a beautiful hour in the water, we headed back to the house to get ready. An extremely Asian sandwich and bowl of red bean soup later, we were off. My uncle dropped me off at the K24 bus stop, and I braced myself for peak hour Chinese public transportation excitement. Sure enough, the sweaty and aggressive obasans once more brightened my day by almost pushing me off the bus. After the eternally delightful bus ride, I made it to my grandparents place just in time to run into my Daddy n his way to work. The rest of my morning was devoted to admiring my grandpa’s artwork. He was extremely eager to show me all of his old gallery books, and I was glad to see so many more of my grandpa’s masterpieces.

Then, it was time for lunch. My aunt was finally released from the hospital today, so for the first time in forever everyone was reunited. Lunch was simple, but extra delicious with my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and Daddy all together at the same table. So precious :).

This afternoon, I received a call from an old friend, CY. Or rather, my old boss from China Construction Bank. Ever since that internship, we’ve been penpals and homies. He took me out to a super chic coffee shop, and we ended up catching up for 5 hours. Two years can change a person’s lifestyle and habits so much. In CY’s case, definitely for the better. Its always nice to catch up with old friends.

Coffee Shop ❤

CY & I!

After a lovely home-cooked dinner, I gave my grandpa a calligraphy lesson and spent the rest of the night watching Chinese soap operas together with family.

What a long, but amazingly happy day!



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