Sweet Saturdays

Today was a happy, relaxing, and family-filled Saturday. I spent most of the day lazying around as a couch potato, reviewing my old freelance writing portfolio, and playing with Happy. In the afternoon, I finally rolled out of my old lady couch potato attire and got ready to visit A in the hospital. After a turbulent drive, harrowing parking experience, and lots of scary crosswalks, I successfully surprise visited A!

I de-hoboed for A!

She’s healing amazingly, and getting her game on to start chemo and radiation. I chatted with her for a bit, and then caught up with A’s husband. Things are looking better, and we remain incredibly hopeful for full recovery.

At dinnertime, I headed to City of Flower’s Restaurant & Bar for a mini-family reunion. My grandparents, aunt, uncle, Daddy, Michael and I gathered around a big round table and feasted on 11 sizzling plates of tasty Chinese cuisine. It was a very delicious and extremely happy dinner.

Despite all the hectic recent occurrences I think I’ve successfully adapted to life here in China. One minute its peaceful, and another minute its chaos, but things are finally starting to settle in place.

Besides, I have the cutest kitty soulmate in the world.

Meow ❤

Even Michael has been Happy-fied.

Shh. Good thing he doesn’t know I keep a daily blog. Teehee 😛



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