Our 1.25 Anniversary

Last night as the clock ticked close to midnight, I received an email from K regarding a 5-page essay he needed to write for an advertising job opportunity. The length made me wonder a little, but I decided to read over it before heading to bed. It turns out, the advertising assignment was just a fluke. It was an essay on us, our relationship, trials and tribulations, and reflections…inspired by our 1 year and 3 month anniversary. I was so touched!

These past 15 months together have been quite a ride, with our fair share of ups and downs. We’ve left footsteps together all over, grown tremendously, and learned just how much weight you can gain when you pig out constantly with your significant other. Just kidding! Except… not really. 😛

We’ve been long distance for a month now, and I want to thank K for always being there for me in his own way. Although now the only positions I see him in are




I cherish his presence in my life. 🙂 Happy 1.25 BB!

My early 22nd Birthday Present to K. Potatohead Power! 🙂



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