The Road Home

Last night was a logistical nightmare. My flight into Shanghai was delayed, I consequently missed the last airport shuttle, and my phone was completely out of minutes. There was no working airport wifi, and no means of communication with the world. And it was 11 45pm on a Friday night, so all hotels within reasonable distance were fully booked. What a lovely welcome back to China.

Thank god for running into Yuandi an hour later at arrivals. With a twist of fate, her flight to GuiYang was cancelled to the weather. Therefore, we were once again stuck on the same boat. Another stranded traveller from my hotel approached us and asked to split a motel room to take refuge in for a few hours until the metro lines open.

Therefore, our trio of disheveled and weary travelers piled into a taxi and dragged our bags into a seedy Motel 168. Very interesting night…

This morning, I finally made it halfway across Shanghai, hopped on the HSR, and started my journey home.



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