Farewell and Thank You, Jejudo

Last day of island paradise. Last night Yuandi, Youm & I checked out Aroma nightclub, the hottest entertainment venue in town. And with great reason. The venue was spectacular, the strippers/singers/performers were hot, and the music was bomb. As icing on the cake, it’s splendid gigantic ceiling opens at midnight to reveal Jejudo’s clear night sky. After a beautiful light show, “snow” flows down on the audience. Us three new friends chatted over beer and enjoyed the amazing concert-like shows. A night to remember.

This morning, I took a bus out to the horse pastures and watched the horses graze. As I sipped banana milk, a little horse started to wobble toward me. He looked at me, head slightly cocked. I looked back into his eyes, and….sneezed. He snorted, and trotted away. How anticlimactic, haha!

After some retail therapy at The Shilla Duty-Free, I feasted on jajeongmyun for lunch. Since its my last day here, I wanted to take things easy and just soak in that Jeju sense of inner peace.

I took a very simple and peaceful visit to the Jeju Natural History Museum to learn more about the sea women and Jeju geological wonders including the lava tubes.

Then, it was time to go au naturelle, Korean seawater sauna spa style at Yongdu-am Sea Water Sauna Spa. After 4 full days of intense travel, the spa was literally heaven on earth. Korean old ladies really know how to treat their bodies right. After eating the eggs Korean-drama style, I ventured into the Sea Water Korean Fire Sudatorium. I felt like a pork dumpling, slowing steaming away in a black iron pot.

After this heavenly escape, I met up with Yuandi and a few new traveler friends and explored the popular JunGang Underground Street. The place was teaming with vendors and teenage Korean girls. We wandered around and ventured above ground in search of Jejudo’s famous sashimi. Due to lack of industry pollution, Jejudo has extremely fresh seafood. The 4 of us split a “small” assorted sashimi platter for 60,000 won which turned into a 5 course feast with everything from tempura, 10 different sashimi types, raw crab, to live abalone. Live…as in it was still moving and curling its body when a chopstick drew near. Motivated by soju, we demolished our table. Epic last meal on Jejudo with 3 new friends!

Thanks for the memories Jejudo. Thank you for reminding me how therapeutic it is to travel somewhere alone from time to time.




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