Happy Days

She lurks in the corner, eyes glistening, whiskers quivering. I playfully pounce at her, and with a yeow she dives beneath the bed. I creep around the bedpost and gently lower myself to the floor. I pull up the bed sheet slowly, and peer under the bed. In my awkward kneeling position, I wait. My chin a mere inch above the hardwood floor, I look straight into her piercing green eyes. Silence. She purrs softly. I stay still. The clunky fan in the next room stutters a little. Something changes in her eyes. She takes the first uncertain step forward. She’s still wary. I smile, and maintain eye contact.

Step by step, she comes forward. Meow. She’s right in of front of my face. She sniffs my cheek, and tickles me with her whisker. I chuckle, and wait. She purrs, and rubs her pink button nose on mine. So precious.

Happy & I

Happy has added so much happiness to my life these past few days. When I came back in January for Chinese New Year, I brought Mimi over for a playdate. Happy terrorized him.

Even it’s only been a week, Happy and I have become an item. She has the biggest personality, intellect, and heart. She is pro at hide-and-seek, cuddles near my toes almost every night, and siddles over to lick my hand when I’m emo. She’s my kitty soulmate (Mimi too).

Happy was also a stray. When my other uncle was driving home one day, he noticed a small quivering ball of fur in the middle of the road. He immediately pulled over and swooped it off the road. Disheveled, filthy, and mewing in terror, baby Happy was most likely accidentally left behind when his mommy cat migrated. Despite my uncle’s allergies, he fell in love with her. He took her home, bathed her, and soaked his pinky in milk for baby Happy to lick. He took Happy to the vet, nursed her to health, and adopted Happy into the family.

Happy is a big girl now at 8lbs. She is ridiculously beautiful, lovable, and happy.



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