Smelling the Hometown Flowers.


The smorgasbord of flowers in and around Hangzhou add an unexpected pop of color in my day. Water lilies in full bloom. The sweet sweet smell of osmanthus. Bright colorful flowers lighting up a flat gray road.  I’ve been smelling my hometown flowers, literally and figuratively. Uncovering new territories and listening to stories of the past.

I hiked up Jade Emperor Mountain and explored the perpetually freezing Zi Lai Cave. I sat down for tea at the mouth of the cave and listened to old Chinese classics with the locals. I listened to their little stories told in that pleasant Hangzhounese dialect I somehow comprehend. I ascended to the peak, bowed to the deity in the temple, and looked down at a huge piece of farmland garden intricately crafted into eight divinatory trigams.

Zi Qi Dong Lai

Zi Lai Cave.

Cave Opening

Ba Gua Garden

Hangzhou is beautiful.



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