My Long Distance Relationships, Lovers & Friends

Ever since I left Hong Kong, life has been crazy with endless hospital visits, stunning news, and lots of personal introspection. Throughout all of this, along with limited internet connection and 15-hour time differences, the most important people in my life have still managed to be there for me in my time of need.

My best friends Andrea, Elena, Farrah, Jeff, Charlie and my boyfriend K have all immediately jumped to my aid with emails, messages and phone calls of support. I’m very very touched that although I’ve been away from home for more than half a year and haven’t been the best at keeping in touch, our friendship remains rock solid. My boyfriend K has emailed, IMessaged, and made attempts to Facetime me daily, and although this is the first time we’ve been apart for more than 5 days during the length of our entire relationship, he remains my caring and supportive Mr. Potatohead.

I’m so thankful to have you guys. 🙂

A Decade of Friendship: YY & Monie

Mon amour ❤

Rahrah & NaNa!

JeffJeff & Monie

My ‘dad’ Charlie 🙂

Last but not least…

Mr. & Mrs. Potatohead. 🙂

Love you guys. So much.



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