Zhejiang Province People’s Great Hall & Old Comrade’s University

Ever since the diagnosis came out, I’ve been scouring the web for information on the disease and potential treatment possibilities. I visited A last night, bring her some clothes and snacks. She has such an infectiously positive attitude, and regardless what sh*t is thrown at her she always remains so cool, collected, and logical. My respect and love for her grows daily.

Today was another day filled with quality time with Grannie and Grandpa. After helping H, A’s husband, deliver more things to A, I headed out with my grandparents for a nice stroll to the Zhejiang Province Administrative District. Apparently before he retired, my grandpa was a Bureau Chief for the Zhejiang Provincial Government. I received an exclusive private tour of the grounds, passing by many black Audis, uniformed officers, and the Governor’s office. Pretty swank. Its amazing how much I didn’t know about my grandparents and even parents.

People’s Great Hall

Next, we visited two of Hangzhou City’s premier Old Comrade’s Amenities Centres. After a delicious and CHEAP (39 RMB for 4 dishes and 3 bowls of noodles) lunch, we headed to Old Comrade’s University for my grandparents’ 1pm calligraphy class.

It was adorable. Imagine small college classroom. Instead of young 20-something students, the room is filled with old ‘students’ with white hair, wrinkles, and decades of life experience. My grandparents shared a table, and took out their ‘homework’. The teacher came in and started his lecture on the history of calligraphy.

Last night, my grandpa was a good student who did his homework.

The left side is my grandma’s homework, and the right side is my grandpa’s.


My grandparents never got a chance to sit in on one of my lectures at Cal. I made up for it today by sitting in on their’s. 🙂



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