Meet Mimi!

A few readers have been curious and asked why my blog web address is noirxchat. Noir chat means black cat in French, and refers to my black cat Mimi. For the past 7 years, Mimi has been nurtured by my aunt and uncle in the mountain villas of Fuyang, China.

Mimi was a stray cat when we took him in, but he had a beautiful glossy coat of black fur and big green soulful eyes. Since I am only able to visit China occasionally, my aunt adopted him as her ‘son’. A few years later, Mimi was stricken with a bad skin disease, and became an ugly duckling. Or rather, ugly hairless cat. But my aunt tirelessly took care of him and paid countless visits to the vet. Under her love and care, Mimi regained his glossy black coat and is healthy as ever.

Since my aunt is in the hospital, its my turn to take care of Mimi now. I spent most today playing with and taking care of Mimi.


While many cultures deem black cats to be unlucky, Mimi is my personal good luck charm.



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