Until Next Time, Hong Kong

It is 7 41 am and I am sitting on the cross-border bus at Elements Kowloon for Mainland China. I have been living in Hong Kong and traveling around Asia for half a year now, and looking back there have been so many eye-opening experiences, wonderful memories, and inspiration for personal growth. My initial love-hate relationship with Hong Kong has evolved into a full-blown romance with this city, it’s heartbeat and culture.

Hong Kong lights

Last night, Jacky Cheung was epic. Unbelievably epic. I am going to be blasting his songs the whole way to China! He is the most charming and charismatic performer ever, and he literally dazzled the audience. He was hands down amazing singing live! What’s a better way to mark the end of a era than swoon to the mesmerizing voice of Hong Kong’s legendary “God of Pop”?

Jacky Cheung!!

“Not every relationship will have a wonderful ending, but a relationship that lacks love and acceptance is destined to fail.”

I have such a crush on Jacky Cheung now hahaha!

I have such a crush on Jacky Cheung now haha!

Thank you to Andrea for showing me the most epic and memorable last weekend ever, as well as everyone I have met along the way who contributed to making this the most eye-opening 6 months of my life.

I will be back. For now, it is time to move on to the next step of my journey: a summer in China.



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