Last Day in Hong Kong: Cafe Gray & Jacky Cheung

Last night was an intense blur, so the good first half of today was dedicated to recovery. A barrage of thoughts kept racing through my head, but I resolved to end my half year of Hong Kong living with a bang.

We started our day fashionably late with high tea at Cafe Gray in JW Marriott. It was chic, modern, and offered panoramic views of the city and harbour. Even the traffic looked scenic from 49 floors up. We ordered the deluxe 2 person tea set.

Exquisite tea set & Gorgeous city views

Quite a romantic setting

We enjoyed the beautiful views and chatted over some lovely Egyptian chamomile and rose petal tea. The tea set was comparable to that of the Peninsula, but slightly lighter. All in all, it was a wonderful high tea experience. Even the views from the restroom were beautiful.

Intricate Hong Kong

Now, it’s time to end my last night in Hong Kong with Jacky Cheung’s 1/2 Century Concert!!!!!

So ready for JC!



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