My Best Friends Birthday: From Rainstorm to Sunny.

Today started out rainy and miserable, both literally and emotionally. Sent off by the worst torrential downpour, I officially moved out of the HKU Student Flats. When I arrived back to Andrea’s, I received an alarming call from my dad. Wonderful start to the day.

For her special day, Andrea and I kick-started the day with some amazing dimsum at the local Sheung Wan Zhong Hua Lou. Then we hopped on a ferry to Discovery Bay.

Zhong Hua Lou

It was literally magical; when we left Hong Kong it was still storming, but the moment we stepped off that ferry, the sun came out. Discovery Bay was beautiful. It was such a different vibe, such a different environment with its chic yet laid back cafes and beaches. We hopped on a shuttle up to the golf course, enjoying the scenic views of the reservoir followed by miles and miles of vibrant greenery. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we hopped off and started our descent on foot.

BFF @ Discovery Bay!

Discovery Bay

Walking down the highway mountain

Birds were chirping, the sun was bright, and for a moment, I felt like I was back in California. What a world apart from this morning. Discovery Bay was such a nice escape, and honestly the most livable place in Hong Kong. I miss Chipotle, California, and above all, my boyfriend.

After our little trip, it was time to get ready for Andrea’s birthday dinner at a Hong Kong private kitchen. Mexican cuisine with fresh made margaritas, yummy!

@ Christa’s Private Kitchen!

GS Girls!

Andrea cutting her birthday cake! 🙂

Happy 22nd Birthday Andrea!!!!!



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