High Tea at the Peninsula: Last Date in Hong Kong 2012

How surreal. Im sitting on the Airport Express alone right now, having sent K off on his flight back to San Francisco.

To commemorate our last day in Hong Kong, we decided to have high tea at the iconic Peninsula. Although the wait time was quite long, it was so worth it. The strawberry milk tea and the Peninsula Iced Chocolate were the perfect combination of texture and sweetness, and the classic afternoon tea set was simply divine. Paired with the classical music, the classy ambience, and amazing company, the Peninsula was the ultimate last date.

After our romantic experience, all havoc wrecked lose. Packing is such a daunting task, and we completely, utterlyunderestimated ourselves. After some intense packing mania, we stuffed a taxi full of our bags and made a beeline for Airport Express.

As usual, we were cutting it close. Once we reached the Airport, it was mad dash all the way to Singapore Airlines. Thankfully, K made the cut.

It all happened so fast. We Bao-baoed ( bear hug), said our goodbyes, and he was off through security. I don’t think it’s hit me fully yet that I won’t be seeing my boo for most of summer.

Safe trip, Mr. Potatohead. Hong Kong and your Mrs. Potatohead miss you dearly.



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