Intense Saturday!

Today was one of the most intense days ever.

This morning I met up with Andrea in Sai Wan and we taxied to Ap Lei Chau Horizon Plaza for a full morning of girl time and shopping. We started our journey at Tree on the 28th floor, and made our way down to Lane Crawford, Max Mara, Marc Jacobs, and Armani. After some delicious Sift Cupcakes, we continued our shopping expedition at the Prada Outlet nearby, and both emerged victorious with amazingly good deals. Genki Sushi made us extremely happy and stuffed for lunch.

The intenseness began shortly after we hopped on a taxi back to Hong Kong station. In the Aberdeen tunnel, we started to hit serious traffic. As the clock ticked to 2pm, I started to feel a bit frantic as I had a plane to catch at 3 20pm to Vietnam. 2:00. 2:05. 2:10. We weren’t budging. Causeway Bay. Wan Chai. We inched forward a tiny bit. I was seriously considering jumping out and running to the nearest MTR.

Frantic phone exchanges with K and Vincent. Apparently Airport Express stops check-ins 90 minutes prior to departure. There was no way to check-in at Central, so Vincent made a mad dash for Airport Express to go to the airport first.

I finally arrived at 2:15 and we frantically ran to Airport Express. We ran to TI Aisle D and were informed that the gate was closed as of 5 minutes ago by a big meanie lady. Oh heck no. I got my intense face on, argued with her and insisted to speak to her superior. Vincent had already notified the desk to prep our tickets and there was no reason why we should be denied. I called Vincent to verify with the gate that we could still board. After intense deliberations and some of the most tense moments ever, the lady sullenly acquiesced, sat down, and processed our tickets. We ran. Like mad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen K run so fast!

Sweating like crazy, breathing super hard, and disheveled we finally made it to Gate 524. Vincent, K and I made final call.

What an intense start to my Vietnam adventure! Now sitting on the plane trying to catch a breather.

I’m so excited.




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