Back to Basics

After a week of epic roaming over Hong Kong and Macau, I decided to take this Friday as a quiet day to revisit and recapture some of the simplest moments in Hong Kong.

View from IFC Rooftop

Karen and Melody visited from Taiwan, and Sam flew in from Beijing so we decided to all congregate at Pancake Colors in Causeway Bay. After a filling linner, we headed to IFC for a trip to our favorite rooftop.

Group Pic!

We pigged out at Tim Ho Wan and indulged at Crystal Jade, interestingly the place where I had my first dinner in Hong Kong. It’s hard to believe I’ve almost come first circle.

Since Sam hasn’t been back to Hong Kong since he was 8, we decided to hit up LKF. We had a blast chatting over drinks at Azure and riding the world’s longest escalators through SoHo. We soon met up with Karen, Melody, Roy and his friends to hit up Casa. Fun night, and hope you had a blast Sam!

What a stud.

One-shot wonder fail.

The city from Azure rooftop

The boys & LKF

I thoroughly enjoyed my lovely day packed with old and new friends from Taiwan, Berkeley, and Hong Kong. I find that these three places with their own personal stories, memories and people define a huge chunk of me.



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