Kayaking in Sai Kung with Gangster Cows

My epic highlight of the day was kayaking in Sai Kung. It was a blast, although I was brilliant as usual with my clothing choice so my bright new dress was completely soaked. We battled against the waves and ominous clouds that loomed over Port Shelter. We managed to circle around 2 different islands, even pausing at the deserted beach on one of the islands for refreshing perspective on the view.

Potatoheads kayaking in Sai Kung!

My epic Thursday was supercharged with a late night 3am dim sum at San Hing in Kennedy Town with K, Vincent, and Henry. As usual, we stuffed our faces with scrumptious fried milk, char siu bao, and their famous custard buns. Then we went home, passed out for a few hours, and headed back out to continue our feast.

The boys love dim sum.

For lunch, we indulged in Causeway Bay’s Little Fat Sheep Hot Pot lunch buffet, courtesy of Andrea’s coupons. For the price we paid (regular price is 148 HKD/person), it was so worth it. We were stuffed to the brim, but decided to risk overflow by snacking on desserts at Angelababy’s esteemed Baby Cafe. The decor and ambience were surprisingly extremely chic and elegant, and the desserts themselves were quite artfully designed and fun.


Afterwards, Vincent headed home to prep for his final while K & I headed off for our prime destination. We MTRed to Choi Hung (cantonese for Rainbow), which had an adorable rainbow pattern for its MTR color scheme. There were also fat ballet dancer statues!


We hopped on minibus 1A to Sai Kung, and embarked on a hilly journey into the mountains. At the Sai Kung Pier, we grabbed Mobile Softy ice cream cones and decided to walk around the pier. The weather was beautiful, the breeze won over the humidity, and the views were breathtaking.

Sai Kung!

Sai Kung fresh seafood!

The water looked so inviting that I decided to climb on a trash can, scramble over the granite divide, and make my way slowly down the rocks to the waves. I felt so in sync with nature, despite being so inappropriately dressed for the adventure.


Sky, Water, Girl

We strolled along the waterfront, holding hands and chatting. Really just enjoying our time together and soaking in the essence of this very different side of Hong Kong. Finally, we reached the end of the walkway and were lured in by the 80 HKD two people kayak flyer. It was getting late, neither of us were dressed appropriate, but you only live once! It was a blast and so so worth it.

Team Potatohead!

Hunk off a deserted beach.

I realize my title may be misleading. One might ask, where are the gangster cows? Oh yes, they were there. All along the waterfront of Sai Kung, chewing on the sidewalk grass and leaving behind huge delightfully fragrant dallops of ‘souvenirs’. This picture completely did not mesh with the sea, the views, and all of the water activities.

Random Cows

Upon questioning some locals, we found ourselves a quite ridiculous explanation. “Its the New Territories after all!” Apparently the grass here tastes better than in their villages. Apparently cows are permitted to roam freely throughout the territories. So here we are at Sai Kung, this gorgeous water front with world class views. And there you got these gangster cows just chilling, living young wild and free! Hilarious.

After touring the area and staring at the huge fishes and dazzling assortment of creatures from the sea, we boarded the 1A back to Choi Hung. Of course, we decided to spend the rest of our day pigging out as usual. We headed to Cheung Sha Wan for the famous Sun Wah Cafe Cha Chan Teng for their satay beef, egg omelet and bun, and HK style dinner set. K ordered the most delicious club sandwich I have ever eatten.

At the end of this lovely meal, we hopped back on the MTR and hurried to meet Andrea in Sheung Wan for our second dinner at Ping Kee Thai Restaurant. I currently feel like an overstuffed pig, but I am still basking in the afterglow of the epicness that was today.



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