Revisiting Macau.

Revisiting a place often yields so many new discoveries while invoking old memories.

The day started off with a small hiccup, when my scatterbrained self realized I forgot both K and I’s passports at home. After we arrived at the Shun Tak Ferry Terminal. Yikes. I dashed to the taxi stand and rushed back up Pokfulam. It was really sweet surprise when I realized my taxi driver was still waiting downstairs for me, having sensed my urgency. He was such a sweet old man.

We finally arrived in Taipa via Cotai Jet around 1 30pm. We hopped on the Grand Emperor free shuttle, walked down the streets, and revisited the ruins of St Paul. There it was, just as iconic as last time. But this time, we also climbed up the stairs to peer through the window of the ruins. We fully explored the grounds, including the ruins of the downstairs sanctuary and the mini-museum with artifacts. We then hopped on a taxi right next to the ruins and held on tight as he weaved (un)skillfully through the cobblestone streets.

Familiar Place, New Memories

New perspectives at new heights!

Hello from the Potatoheads!

One almost dry heave from carsickness later, we arrived at the Macau Tower for afternoon tea at the 360 Cafe, a rotating restaurant on perched on the 60th floor. There, we feasted our eyes and tummies on panoramic views of Macau and our exquisite afternoon tea set. We also saw several people fall from the sky. The Macau Skytower offers the world’s highest bungee jump and sky jump, so it was quite refreshing to see falling people as I bit into my blueberry meringue. K and I have made a pact to return in 2 years and make the Sky Jump together.

Macau Skytower!!

Gorgeous views.

Afternoon Tea!


And of course, people falling from the sky!

We enjoyed a nice chat with a Fulbright teaching assistant sitting at the next table about her experience in Macau, and then headed up to explore the 2 observation decks and witness more people jumping. “Why live life on the edge when you can jump?”


Next up was a taxi to the Venetian, where we explored the Grand Canal Shoppe, and tried our (horrible) luck on the slot machines. Nevertheless, it was so much fun. I totally understand why people get addicted to gambling better now.

We took a stroll along the City of Dreams Cotai Strip, taking in all the splendor and luxury that surrounded us. We walked to the Galaxy, where we posed with metallic Gaga-esque models in front of colorful crystals. We ate a little at the food court, and failed again at gambling our money back.

For the rest of the night, we explored the streets of Villa de Taipa. We feasted on Portuguese chicken from Dumbo Restaurant as well as Macau’s signature serradura desert. Delicious.

This second time around, we visited old and new places, but ended up with a full day of amazing new experiences and memories.

Good times, Macau!



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