Endings & Beginnings

This morning at 11:30 as my #2 pencil was put to rest aside my last college final, my undergraduate career officially drew to a close.

Ironic how on the last day, they FINALLY get my name right.

Unfortunately, something else that was a big part of my college life soon ended too. Sitting at the Run Run Shaw, I finished watching the season finale for Desperate Housewives. The last episode was beautiful: beautiful script, beautiful depiction of friendship, beautiful juxtaposition of birth, love, and death, and beautiful closing message on life. I was literally in tears, sitting there at the HKU computer lab. Dramatic much, huh? Desperate Housewives is the only TV show I have followed religiously for the past 8 seasons. Regardless of what craziness was going on in my life, I could always count on enjoying that weekly episode with my favorite housewives. With my drastic transformation and eye-opening experiences in college, it became one of the increasingly few constants in my life.

Thank you ladies of Wisteria Lane!

When I finished my final this morning, I honestly didn’t feel much. But when Desperate Housewives ended, I seriously sensed my childhood coming to an end. Sigh.

After some nostalgic moments, I freshened up and headed down the mountain to celebrate new beginnings. First stop, Radical Hair Salon in Tsim Sha Tsui to Jack for a trim and blow-dry. For dinner, I decided to feed my obsession with themed restaurants and devoured a delicious meal at Charlie Brown Cafe. Pictures and review coming soon!

Charlie Brown Cafe!

Adorable Ambience!

So cute! You can choose your own Charlie Brown Character!

Dinner Date with Myself. 🙂 & Charlie Brown of course!

Harro Sexy

And now, to explore the streets and alleyways of Tsim Sha Tsui.




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