Ocean Park, Asian Wonderland.

Despite the fact that I have a Management final at 9am tomorrow morning, I decided to be an amazing student and go to Ocean Park instead of studying. I do not regret this decision one bit, since Ocean Park was hands down amazing. The views, the rides, the almost perfect (too hot/humid) weather, the ambience were a perfect fusion recipe for a magical day out with friends.

Since it took us awhile to head back from China this morning, we finally arrived at Admiralty MTR Station around 1. We made a very brief visit to Pacific Place, purchased Ocean Park tickets, and hopped onto Citybus 629. Soon, we found ourselves standing under the blindingly bright sun looking up at the world’s 7th most popular theme park.

Ocean Park!

For the rest of the day, we ran around like kids riding roller coasters, camwhoring on the cable cars with stunning views of the South China Sea, and just gawking in general at the beauty that surrounded us. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ocean Park!!

Gorgeous Day!

My chauffeur LOL

Cable Cars overlooking the South China Sea

So Beautiful

Cute Dolphin!

Mine Train

As much as I miss American amusement parks, this view from the ride sure beats miles of parking lots.


We walked up the hill toward Marine and saw this breathtaking view of infinite.

Since it was a Monday, the main attractions closed promptly at 6:30 so we were unable to hit the last big ride: the Dragon. Oh well, more reason to come back someday! We waited in line for the cable car down the mountain, and rode a sea animal themed carousal (I mounted a giant seahorse), and caught the beginning bits of Symbio, Ocean Park’s current night show answer to Disneyland’s World of Colors.

Thank you Ocean Park for making me scream gleefully like a little girl again. I almost forgot how much I love amusement parks and roller coasters.




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