Sweet Surprises and Beautiful Weather

Amidst my intense game of catchup with Globalization and World Order last night, a knock came at my door at 3am. It was K, with a McMuffin in hand for me. He swooped me up in a tight bear hug and we exchanged words of encouragement. He paused, and then pulled something out of his backpack. It was wrapped in purple tissue paper inside a clear little bag. As if for dramatic effect, he painstakingly unwrapped the tissue bag and said softly, “I have something for you”.

There it was, the most special bracelet that I had accepted as gone forever. It was the Links of London bracelet that my best friend Andrea gave me when she flew to Berkeley on my 20th birthday. Since then, I had worn it almost every single day. Back in Taiwan this march, my bracelet was damaged by the sulfur content in the Tien Lai Hot Springs. I left it in one of our bags with the intent of cleaning it back in Hong Kong, but it got misplaced. Apparently K found it 2 weeks ago and secretly took it to get professionally cleaned.

That completely made my day, and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world as he clasped the bracelet onto my wrist.

Looks like new.

Charged with K’s sweet surprise, I beast moded it (short 1 hour power nap does wonders) until 9am. I bounced down the stairs just in time to see the shuttle come. It was a small shuttle with half the seats already occupied, so virtually half the line left thinking they wouldn’t get a seat. I decided to try my luck….and score! I was the proud taker of the last seat on the shuttle.

Best Sausage McMuffin ever.

My stroke of luck carried me far, and I beast moded 10 pages of the full sized essay booklet for my final. 11:30AM…walked out a (almost) free woman. It was a beautiful day, not too bright but with the perfect breeze, so I decided to walk it back up to my flat. The views were splendid, the wind felt so good lapping against my face, and the air smelled (relatively) fresh and crisp. Beautiful day!


Since I am past the point of sleepiness, I am off for some lovely hot yoga. Later tonight, I hope to enjoy a lovely dinner with my boyfriend and catch a late movie with my best friend Andrea.

The light sure feels amazing after the tunnel.


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