A Vietnam-y Kind of Day

The Vietnam Consulate in Hong Kong. Vietnamese Nomnoms at Nha Trang Vietnamese Lonely Planet Forums and Travel Websites. Vietnam flight booking from Saigon to Hanoi. All in all, today was a very Vietnam-y kind of day.

Vincent and I headed to the Vietnam Consulate in Wan Chai for our Vietnam Visas. After riding the MTR 2 stops over to Tian Hou, we doubled back and hopped on the 23. A few google map turns later, we finally made it to Great Smart Tower. A ghetto elevator ride 15 floors up later, we stepped out into a small corridor with a line of people. We awkwardly peered into the intersecting walkway to search for a nonexistent door to the Consulate…and awkwardly asked the first lady in line where the consulate was. Apparently, it didn’t open until 2:30pm.

Vincent & Consulate

We meekly walked to the back of the line and waited. At 2:35, a lady clad in business professional emerged from the elevator and disappeared with a quick screech into that nonexistent door. Literally, the wall disappeared and in its place was an open door into the cozy Vietnam Consulate. Wide-eyed, we shuffled in with the line and grabbed Visa forms (the ghetto file found on the Vietnam Consulate website was a slanted jpeg…). We took turns filling out our forms while saving our spot in line. Finally, we got to the front of the line and the nice Viet guy provided me with scissors to cut my newly taken passport photos, affixed my picture with the form, and dealt with our confusing USD/HKD payment. Boom boom done!

To celebrate our Visa victory, we decided to top it off with some authentic Viet cuisine. We boarded the 75 to Central and plopped down at a table at Nha Trang. The pho and fried imperial rolls wrapped in lettuce were delicious! My fresh young coconut was super tasty, and made me miss Thailand so much.

Nha Trang!

Vincent & Our Yummy Foods. #1 Coconut!

We took the SoHo escalators back up to Caine Road, and met up with K to commence our Vietnam trip planning epicness. A few hours of planning later, we had a basic plan down. Flights to and fro Saigon to Hainoi: booked. First two nights hotel: booked. Success!



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