17 Mosquito Bites Up GuanYin Mountain

Zhangmutou is quite a unique “Little Hong Kong”. Although in recent years the 50,000 Hong Kong businessmen who purchased vacation homes here haven’t been returning often due to the depreciation of the Hong Kong Dollar, it’s progress is still quite evident.

Random Alley of ZMT

Old Men Playing Chess On the Street = Classic China

The people here are the highlight for me. They are sofriendly. Last night my sweet sales rep at Vero Moda in Tian He mall tirelessly helped me squeeze into almost a dozen tight dresses, even after her work hours. I asked her for directions to the night market, and she offered to take us there. Downstairs, her coworker joined us and the four of us headed to the night market, chatting up a storm. They even helped us bargain for cheap DVDs, before waving and heading home.

In Zhangmutou, there are real taxis, and there are fake ones in unmarked gray minivans. I have had so many quality conversations with these nice guys on everything from cool things in Zhangmutou to how to quit smoking.

After a delicious lunch at a Muslim noodle shop similar to our favorite in Hainan, it was time for our main attraction of the day. GuanYin Mountain, Zhangmutou’s GuanYin version of the Hong Kong Lantau Big Buddha. Entrance fee was 45 RMB each, with a 35 RMB round trip shuttle option. Being the fatties we are, we took it.

Guan Yin Mountain!


The ride was exhilarating! Our shuttle driver was driving Initial D style up the mountain, and the views along the way were spectacular. We got dropped off at Old Deity Cave and told to trek up. We decided to take the lesser trod path through a beautiful waterfall and 1677448387 steep steps up the mountain. We crossed the Sending Sons Pond and looked down the waterfall that throbbed over the boulders below. Mosquito bite count: 10.

Red River Mona at it again.

In front of Sending Sons Lake…err haha.

We trekked up some more hills, when the head of the GuanYin loomed into view. Finally, we had reached the top of the mountain, drenched in sweat and covered with mosquito bites. As we walked around exploring the monastery and walkway with the 18 Lo Hans, the evil mosquitos feasted on my flesh. Mosquito Bite Count: 15.



We walked up the GuanYin podium and took in the sights of Zhoumutou in the distance. The sun started setting, and we managed to capture quite a few shots of the beautiful landscape.

Gorgeous Sunset.

We made our way down the winding big roads, passing by a zip line course down the mountain that was unfortunately closed. It would have been amazing to just zip line the rest if the way down.

Wishing Tree.

Wish I could have ziplined down!

We managed to catch the last shuttle down, and enjoyed the sunset over the treetops. Finally, we made it to the foot of the mountain. Mosquito Bite Count: 17.

Those evil mosquitos. Oh well. The amazing experience I had with K atop GuanYin Mountain made them all quite worth it.



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